Friday April 28th,
Hello EnvisionRumford and Friends,
Last night, on your behalf, at the annual River Valley Chamber of Commerce dinner, Jen Kreckel and I had the honor of accepting, the 2017 Non-Profit/Community Service Leadership Award and letters of recognition from U.S. Senators Susan Collins and Angus King.

 I am very proud of the entire (all volunteer) EnvisionRumford team’s accomplishments and continued work towards improving our community. I also continue to be humbled and inspired in equal amounts by the drive and dedication shown by each one of our members. – Thank you

Thank you ALL!
Have a great weekend!
Randall M. Therrien


Tuesday April 25th,

Hello Envision Rumford Members and Friends,
The results for the Bangor Savings Bank Community Matters More campaign are in!
Envision Rumford will be awarded $1000! – see complete list of winners and awards below

 Thank you to ALL who voted and worked to spread the word to encourage others to vote Envision Rumford.
Special Thanks to Bernie Pare for his tireless efforts dropping off voting ballots right up until the very end.

 It is understandable that some Envision Rumford members and Friends were disappointed to hear we did not win the $5000 grand prize, but it is Jack and Charlotte Davis that are the first to try and make up the difference!

They will be donating $25 each to Envision Rumford and challenge ALL of YOU to do the same!

 A $1000 prize, Jack and Charlotte’s $50, plus $25 from me, means $3925 more is needed to reach a new $ goal of $5000! To make a donation of any size to Envision Rumford, please contact Charlotte Davis or Randy Therrien

 Once again thank you all for the good work you do!
Randall M. Therrien


Friday April 7th,

Hello Envision Rumford and Friends!
Many of you may have heard this news already but it bears repeating.
EnvisionRumford has been named, by the River Valley Chamber of Commerce, as the recipient of the River Valley Areas 2017 Non-Profit Community Service Leadership Award. -  CONGRADULATIONS TEAM!

 AND our very own Kris Howes will also been honored as Volunteer of the Year!  - CONGRADULATIONS KRIS!

 These awards will be presented at the Annual Chamber Dinner meeting taking place at Black Mountain on Thursday April 27, 2017.  Many EnvisionRumford team members and supporters are expected to be in attendance, with most representing their own businesses and employers. Bernie Pare and Dick Lovejoy have agreed to attend as representatives for EnvisionRumford.

 I am very proud to part of this dedicated group of volunteers and sincerely look forward to the many great things I know we will accomplish this year.  Great Job EVERYONE!

Randall M. Therrien