Agenda from 5/17/18

Welcome: Randy Therrien 

Treasurer’s Report: Charlotte Davis  

$7225 to twin river for bandstand, Construction by Bernie Pare to begin next week!
$750 for Envision Rumford annual dues 

·        Betterment Fund Grant- spend allocation – Randy Therrien

o    Kevin Saisi suggesting web development to promote River Valley Area
-Proposing a primary website for area, community calendar, businesses, events, etc.
- Tied in with the radio station which Kevin runs.
- Not an “envision” website, but a whole community separate website
- Asking for grant funds to invest in the new site 

·        PumpkinFest updates  - Kris Howes 

o   PumpkinFest – new location due to downtown construction project
- October 20th at Hosmer Field, main location at baseball field.  More info tbd.
-Approx $700 to $800 in the festival kiddy, plus EnvisionRumford should have $750 leftover from Poland Spring donation
- Layout will include vendors aligned along the baseball fence around the outfield
- Stage to be placed behind 2nd base, facing outwards
- kids and event areas to the left by trees along road, animal areas to the right by sign
- 3 fields and street parking, overflow in practice lot, dirt lot for vendor parking.
- Track and football field for toss and smash, catapult and targets.
- Possible horse and wagon rides along track, or road to back of hosmer walking trail
- Worries:  Losing funding doe to businesses not participating at downtown location
- Much more work, setup, power, layout, signage, volunteers, etc.

- Randy ideas, sponsor businesses to build scarecrows to fill grandstands, with a business sign.  Maybe a plaque for best dressed scarecrow.
- Scarecrow making area
- Hope association to build a scarecrow for them,
- Picture areas and sponsored areas
- Natalie, comm concepts, for catapult:  Themed paint pumpkins with “smash out crime”
- Envision concessions:  ice cream or something else besides cookie walk.  Popcorn.
- Zipline?

o   Site Updates - Visitor Traffic, Messages, Feedback , etc.
 -Billing for website is past due.  $275 will pay for past balance and rest of the year.


·        Bandstand/Gazeebo in Veteran’s Park - Bernie Pare
-Materials were ordered and on the way to be delivered, and Brookfield stopped the project saying we do no have permission to build at location.  Meetings later in the week will determine the rest of the project.


·        Materials purchase – how much and when

o   include ADA access ramp material estimate

·        Construction -  timeline; start date and goals.

·        Who will be involved in construction?

o   Kim Sequoia and Mitzi have volunteered to help

·        New Businesses or Initiatives – Jim Rinaldo

-Moontide springs, water bottling plant, equipment arrives next month, running by end of summer

-Canal street new building renovation, crew stripping building for remodel.  Offices, apartments, etc. 

-Owner is looking into outdoor movie nights at hosmer field

-Gas lines in the works under congress street, specifically to hospital?

·        New Business/Suggestions – Open Discussion

·         projects and initiatives – What is scheduled?

            -Meet the candidates, Wednesday the 23rd at 6:00 Town Hall Auditorium.

                        -Wish more candidates would come, and hope more do this time
                        - Need to spread the word more through social media

            -Chamber of commerce, business after hours, May 24th, 5 to 7 Rumford, auditorium

o   What should we consider adding?

o   Other???

2018 Membership Drive

·        Member Profiles –-ALL please make effort to submit

·        Ask Team - who can you bring to the next ER meeting?

Upcoming events