Meeting Agenda

Date: 6-17-21
Time: 8am
Location: American Legion, Congress St Rumford
Zoom Link TBA

EnvisionRumford Current Officers & Board Members:

KRIS HOWES (Board Term Expires 2021) – President
BEVERLY SOUCY (Term Expires 2022) – Vice President
KRISTI GORDON (Term Expires 2021) – Treasurer
JENNIFER F. KRECKEL (T.E. 2022) – Corporate Clerk
STEPHANIE REED (Term Expires 2021)
KATHERINE JOHNSON (Term Expires 2022)
RICHARD LOVEJOY (Term Expires 2023)
GABRIEL PERKINS (Term Expires 2023)

Ex Officio Members: STACY CARTER - Town Manager       GEORGE O’KEEFE - Economic Development Director of Rumford
CHERYL DICKSON – River Valley Chamber of Commerce  NATALIE BEALE - Community Concepts

Current Members: Chamberlain’s Tap & Table, Linda & John Pepin (BW), Advantage Insurance, Derek Taber, John Preble, Glenn Gordon, Western Maine Machines, Rumford Falls Eagles #1248, T&T Headshop. 


• Members in Attendance: 

• Welcome From President:
              -Coffee and beverages Thanks to Tricia and the American Legion Post. 
              -Muffins baked by Lexy's Sweets & Bakery and paid for by Kris Howes this meeting.

              -Previous Minutes Review/Approval:
                             -Request of $150, $100 Reimbursement for Bulletin Board, $50 Petty Cash for Supplies (Previously

                             -Bev – Paperwork for Franklin Savings Bank – Finish / Drop Off

                             -Gabriel Perkins – Following up about his Board Member standing

                             -Follow up with UMA about Sponsorship

 -This Meetings Discussions:
              -New Membership Drive: We would like to thank Weber Insurance, Dick Lovejoy, Glenn Gordon, Derek Taber, Western Maine Machines, Chamberlain’s Tap & Table, & InkMaine for their contributions towards ER donations!

                             -Bandstand – Follow up, timeline/plans for bandstand handicap ramp to meet requirements.

                             -Vote on October Monthly Meeting – October 7th or October 21st

                             -On 5/21/21 we had a small board meeting to discuss the changes that could be made to the current By-Laws to better accommodate where ER is at now and to be able to move forward with new plans as well as maintain the goal of preservation with the historical areas around town. It was mention to get in touch with the Rumford Historical Society to see if they could assist in this portion. We would like to simplify the ER By-Laws  ‘Article IV: Purposes’ and focus more on a section of that article that states “…developing a ‘grass roots’ effort to improve the quality of life in the Town of Rumford”. While our focus was originally the island/downtown area, the group does realize that there are other business districts and we are working to branch out to those. Our immediate expansion goals in town will be to  the Canal & River Street areas on the island as Congress has largely been the main focus as well as expanding to the Waldo, Hancock, Cumberland Street areas.
                             Our next goal is to fill the current Board Member openings. Update the duties of the Officers, Board Members, & Committees. In September we will be meeting with Anne for a 3 hour seminar to better understand creating a 12 month plan, duties, goals, etc. A date will need to be set for the Annual Board meeting to take   place after this seminar. We will continue to revise the By-Laws, Goals, and Duties as we move forward towards those dates. The revised By-Laws will then be voted on / approved at the Annual Meeting.                                        

• Treasurer’s Report:  (Kristi Gordon) 

• Committee Reports:

• Promotions: (Members: Kris Howes, Jes Roberts, T&T Headshop, Beverly Soucy, Kristi Gordon)
PUMPKIN FEST! OCTOBER16th: Kris & Jes met with Stacy on June 4th to discuss Pumpkin Fest and it is set to move forward. The fest will return downtown to Congress & Side streets operating very similar to the years before moving to the field.  A stage at the intersection of Congress & Exchange street, with events running throughout the day.  Vendors, fair food, and businesses will line the streets, parking spots, and sidewalks with space to allow for distancing throughout the crowd.  Kids areas, bounce houses, pumpkin carving, cornhole tournaments, and a beer garden is in the works.  Vendors and Sponsor forms available soon, to be offered to Rumford & local townspeople first.  There will be no fireworks this year.  Much more info will be released soon. 

CRAZY DAYS SUMMER SALE! JULY 16th: To celebrate the completion of the downtown construction project, the Town of Rumford, the River Valley Chamber of Commerce, and EnvisionRumford are teaming up for a small downtown celebration! Including a ribbon cutting at the end of Congress Street, with a little ceremony. We will be contacting and asking all downtown Rumford businesses to setup a sale or promotional table on the sidewalk in front of their businesses, AND we would like to invite all Rumford Businesses to come setup a table in front of vacant businesses and designated areas downtown. More info, and an event page will be announced soon!

ANDROSCOGGIN ADVENTURE! AUGUST 28th: We will be teaming up with Chisholm Ski Club and other partners to have a great day on the river. Including a family float from Rumford Center to the new Rumford launch. A professional kayak race, prizes, live music, a cornhole tournament, food to order, kids water fun, a river bank treasure hunt, decorating contest, poker run and much more.  Current Sponsors, InkMaine & T&T Headshop.

T-SHIRT CONTEST FUNDRAISER: Design options will be available and decided on by July.  We were awaiting Sponsorships, we  currently have 4 out of 6 Sponsors.  The Hotel Rumford, UMA College, Andy Valley Storage, Chamberlains Tap & Table.  Seeking two more.

RUMFORD MURAL.  Kris has gotten approval to move forward with painting a mural at the Lennox Lot/Amnet Reality Building to begin later in the year, falltime after Pumpkinfest. A Rumford theme will be done, with Paul Bunyan or some object that could be an interactive photo spot for the downtown.  Donations towards project will begin to be co0llected once the design is drawn up and approved. 

• Organizational: (Members: Jennifer Kreckel, Kristi Gordon)
Kristi is in the works of planning a meeting.

• Design / Beautify Rumford: (Members: Stephanie Reed, Kris Howes, Jes Roberts, Catherine Johnson, Linda & John Pepin, Kristi Gordon)
CLEAN UP/BEAUTIFY CONTEST: A contest for Businesses and Residents encouraging them to clean up and beautify their entry ways, building, etc. Three categories, Businesses, Residential - Single Family, Residential - Multi Family. Have an Entry Form & possibly a $25 Entry Fee (or less if need be). Have participants submit their fee and form by a specific date giving them 1 - 2 months to prepare and we will set a date to do the judging.

• Business Enhancement: (Members: George O’Keefe, Dick Lovejoy, Becky Dolloff - Advantage Insurance, Kristi Gordon)

• Other Issues, Projects, Goals for this Year:
              -Sunday, June 20th – 10 am – Rumford Center Boat Launch Clean Up – Please help if you can!! 
              -Dog baggie project:  Will begin once more fundraising has been accomplished. 
              -Ideas of starting a Winter Holiday Bizarre downtown.

• Next Meeting Date:  July 15th, 2021 @ American Legion, 8am
                                        August 19th, 2021
                                        September 16th, 2021
                                        October - TBA
                                        November 18th, 2021
                                        December 16th, 2021

• Adjourn: